Family Spotlight – Pittsburgh Family Photographer

Family Spotlight – Pittsburgh Family Photographer

A common question I am asked is, “What happens if the weather doesn’t cooperate?” Well, this family definitely knows the answer – we reschedule within a week or so of the original portrait date. Unfortunately, due to poor weather conditions this spring, we had to reschedule several times! It was worth the wait, because in the end we had a beautiful sunrise portrait session in Mellon Park!

The best families to work with are the ones that are up for anything and generally enjoy being around each other. This family was both! The whole family was such a blast to work with, cooperative and willing to be spontaneous. We had a really great time together, you can see behind the scenes from our session on the contact page. Plus, their baby girl is especially sweet, pretty, and has the most adorable laugh. Another thing that made this session extra special were their two adorable doodles, Leo and Charlie. They are some of the cutest dogs I have ever met, and with personalities to match. In additional to being great models, their red coloring was such a great addition to this family’s color palette… now I’m sounding too much like a photographer!

How did you and your spouse meet?

We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party.

What do you enjoy about living in the Pittsburgh area?

We enjoy the friendly people, the beautiful geography, and the family friendly communities in Pittsburgh.

Write 3 adjectives that describe your family.

Our family is affectionate, close, and warm.

Describe your daughter.

Our daughter is the center of our family. She is funny, playful, mischievous, and happy-go-lucky.

What are your family’s favorite things to do in and around Pittsburgh?

As a family we like to visit the park with our puppies and go for walks in the different neighborhoods.

Share a funny family memory.

One late night after we had put our daughter to bed and had just settled in our bed, we heard a loud bang downstairs! At first  we thought it was the neighbors but then realized it was coming from within our townhouse. We cautiously went downstairs and peaked into the kitchen. We saw our mischievous Leo standing up leaning against the open trash can dining away! He was embarrassed and ran back into the bedroom as soon as he saw us.

What are your family’s favorite restaurants?

The Library Restaurant and Pub in Hampton township

What is your family’s favorite meal to cook at home? Could you share the recipe?

Spaghetti with chicken and Thai peanut sauce. Our recipes is from the cookbook Quick From Scratch Pasta by Food and Wines books.

How did you decide to schedule a family portrait session with Laura Mares Photography?

We read online reviews and saw all the beautiful photos on the website, and recognized my coworker’s family nice photos featured.

How did you prepare for your family photo session?

My wife assembled my daughter’s blue dress outfit and then created hers and my outfit based on those colors. We brought some of our little girl’s favorite toys, her favorite siblings (our doodles), and her favorite babysitter (grandma).

What is your favorite portrait from your family session? Explain why it’s your favorite.

We love the portrait of our daughter standing up between our legs while we support her hands. We love this photo because it shows how cheerful she always is and how much she loves to explore and move around, but always under our loving watchfulness.

How would you describe your experience at your family portrait session?

This was the first professional photo shoot for our family (besides the wedding photos) and we had the most fun ever! We can’t wait to come back for more sessions for our future little ones.


Hi, I'm Laura Mares! I'm thankful to be a wife, mother and Pittsburgh lifestyle photographer. I photograph because I believe that life is simply beautiful and every person has a story worth telling. I'd love to tell yours.
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